Betalning av en bokningsavgift för paketen på 2500 kr görs 14 dagar innan avresa. Återstående summa betalas när du lämnar tillbaka cykeln. Avbokning kan göras upp till 24 timmar innan avhämtning och då återbetalas bokningsavgiften.

Travel guarantee

Our travel guarantee has been arranged by Kammarkollegiet.
This means that you can get compensation if your trip gets cancelled or disrupted if Sustainable Stella AB becomes insolvent.
Here you can check that we have a travel guarantee.
Read more about travel guarantee at Kammarkollegiet.

Bike hire


For bike hire the cost is paid in advance when you pick up the bike. When collecting the bike a valid proof of identity needs to be provided and a rental contract must be signed. Sustainable Stella makes sure all bikes are handed out in good condition.

The person who rents the bike is responsible for following instructions regarding it's care, maximum weight limits, battery charging etc, that the bike is returned in good condition and that the bike is locked when it is out of reach and sight, eg when you eat lunch.


Cancellation can be made up to 24 hours before booked collection. If cancellation is not made and the bike is not collected, the full hire cost will be charged via invoice.


The bike should be returned at the appointed time, from where it was collected or according to what was agreed. Rented time that is not used will not be refunded. Any damage, that is more than normal wear, on the bike, trailer or other equipment has to be paid for according to the Bike and Sportshop Association's pricelist. The person who rents the bike is not allowed to repair the bike or any damaged/defective parts. If the product is not in the Bike and Sportshop Association's pricelist the suppliers' pricelist will be used. Sustainable Stella AB has no responsibility for personal injury, damage to clothes or other damage during the rental time including the use of the bike and/or charging the battery. If the bike is returned late Sustainable Stella AB will charge 500 (five hundred) SEK per extra day for electric bike rental.


If the bike, trailer or other equipment is stolen, the full value must be compensated to Sustainable Stella. Normally a home insurance will cover things like that. A police report should be done by the person renting the bike.