Hi! Peter and Marlin Wicks here. It is we who run Sustainable Stella. We are passionate about stewarding our world in a clever and sustainable way. So far we have focussed on selling electric bikes in our company Buzzin BikesNow we have taken another step further by also offering electric bike rental and climate friendly electric bike packages! We know that car fumes are one of the biggest challenges of our times and we are ready for this challenge. In May 2019 we took the leap and got rid of our car to live car free. And we have not regretted this decision! Our lives have improved in so many ways: we get more exercise, we get more fresh air, we get more contact with people, we get more possibilities to enjoy our beautiful natural environment and we get a life that runs at a more comfortable tempo...

And this is the experience we would very much like to share and it's the reason we launched Sustainable Stella. We hope your climate friendly holiday with us and our beautiful partners will be a lovely experience for you. We all welcome you!

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