We are members of Nature Tourism Companies the Swedish nature and eco tourism companies' industry organization and common voice that works for better conditions to run nature-based tourism and for the sustainable development of the industry.

Nature tourism is consumption in the form of activities, places to stay, meals and other tourism services where the nature experience itself is at the centre. This definition includes both the outdoor experience and the activities around it that create incomes, jobs and tax income for Swedish tourism in the countryside.

Nature tourism includes eco tourism, where the entrepreneurs are making active choices and efforts to contribute to global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030 in a broader way:

Eco tourism is responsible travelling that respects local culture, contributes to protection of nature and contributes to a living countryside with local work and companies. Eco tourism is a successful idea that gives concrete results and contributes to sustainable global development.

Swedish nature tourism and eco tourism are growing and gaining increasing local importance for new jobs and companies in rural areas, while the industry's companies with their innovative experiences increase Sweden's international attraction and visibility and attract travellers from all over the world where large export revenues contribute to Swedish prosperity.


Nature Tourism Companies find it reasonable to say that every four international visits is because of Sweden's nature. As foreign visitors consumption in Sweden was 119,6 billion SEK in 2016, the Sweden's nature contributes with an export income of around 30 billion SEK per year.

Nature is also a great factor in Swedes choice of where to go for their summer holiday, winter holiday and also for weekends all year around.
Maybe we get a little bit of a blind spot, but to say broadly that Swedish nature is a decisive reason for about one in every five trips, wouldn't be an exaggeration. In 2016 the Swedish leisure time travellers contributed around 130 billion SEK. Meaning that Swedish nature contributed another 26 billion SEK per year.

Together it comes to 56 billion SEK that our nature contributes to the Swedish hospitality industry.

The Unesco Biosphere of the archipelago of Lake Vänern and Kinnekulle is a proactive and inspiring model area for sustainable development. We are proud members of this NGO. See more here.

We are also part of West Sweden Sustainablility Step, another initiative to increase sustainable tourism. See more here.