The situation with corona has really made our lives change. The best we can do is to use our common sense, to follow the Public Health Authority's recommendations, be outside alot in nature as well as exercise so we build our health etc. Last spring we really wondered how the summer would turn out. Would we be able to have holidays at all? The answer was yes, even if they were different holidays: Holidays at home, in our own countries. But there is so much to enjoy so near to us! Now we most likely look forward to another summer out in nature! Sustainable Stella naturally wants to increase the opportunities for a healthy and safe holiday with good food and great places to experience and stay. We hope to make your holiday an unforgettable memory in the very best way. And one of the cornerstones of a good holiday is of course that you should feel safe.

We and all our partners want to help to make you feel safe when you come on holiday with us. We follow all the Public Health Agency's recommendations and keep our distance, have increased cleaning routines and offer hand alcohol etc. As we want to help reduce the spread of infection, we offer you a full refund of the deposit if you cancel up to 24 hours before the planned arrival. If you or someone in your party knows of any symptoms, cancel and stay at home. Should you experience symptoms during your stay, please contact us and we will find the best solution based on each specific situation together in collaboration with the Local Health Authority or another care agency, so both you and other people around you can feel safe.