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Sweden's blue band. Lying there. Calm and peaceful. Just for you to enjoy with your electric bike in this package. Good food, handicraft and a museum that tell you the history of the Göta Canal and give you interesting facts. You stay beautiful and environmentally friendly at Norrqvarn Hotel and Conference Centre.

All this is included:

  • One night at Norrqvarn Hotel and Conference Centre
  • 1 x 3 course organic/locally produced dinner at Norrqvarn Hotel and Conference Centre
  • 1x organic/locally produced breakfast at Norrqvarn Hotel and Conference Centre
  • 1x locally produced lunch at KRUBB in Töreboda
  • Entrance fee for the Göta Canal museum in Sjötorp
  • Bike map with information about the area

Possible extras:

Single room

The simplicity! Sleep in a simple chalet at Norrqvarn with a lovely view over the Göta Canal. Here you can completely wind down as it is without electricity. (Charging of the bikes and mobile phone can be arranged). Toilet and showers are in the guest harbour just 100m from the chalet. Use the fishing rod that is there and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Göta Canal. Enjoy a wood fired sauna. Breakfast can be eaten on the board walk, in the restaurant or in the chalet.

Pris 2 099 Kr