No, you don’t need to be very fit to enjoy these electric bike packages. To go 60 km with one of our electric bikes is very different than to go 60 km on a normal bike. But the 4 packages are all a little varied with different stretches and geography so check to see which one suites you best. The Göta Canal package is the easiest and the Kinnekulle/Läckö package is the most challenging one.

The packages are all different. Please check under each package.

Absolutely. The bikes we have are very much like a normal bike with hub gears and a foot brake. So no pre-knowledge is really needed apart from knowing how to ride a bike! It’s our belief that our holidays should be an opportunity for people to try an electric bike for the first time, experience a really good electric bike and see how it can help you.

Today we have our own cargobike with three wheels. This one cannot fall over when you stand still. Contact us if you are interested. We also hope to be able to offer a bike where two people can sit next to each other

Of course you can use your own bike. If it is an electric bike we recommend you to check the strength of the motor and the size of the battery so it can make the distance without problems. Please contact us if you would like help with this. If it is a normal bike you will need to be rather fit to do some of the packages, but only you know what you can do!

Cyklarna för våra paket är utrustade med två vattentäta cykelväskor för pakethållaren, en på varje sida. We recommend that you pack in different packing bags so it is easy to find in the bicycle bags; underwear in one, socks in one, t-shirts in one etc.. In addition, a small backpack or other bag can be good for the package holder. In the front there is a waterproof bag on the handlebars that you can have a jacket, mobile phone etc. in.

By the way, you may need: warm sweater, t-shirts, casual shirt, comfortable pants, maybe shorts (with longer legs that are comfortable even on the saddle), sunglasses (these are also good against mosquitoes and gnats some evenings), hat to protect against the sun, rainwear, waterproof boots or boots, sandals or the like when it is hot and dry, toiletries, underwear, swimwear and beach towels if you like to swim, laundry bag for the used clothes, gloves or cycling gloves can make long trips even more comfortable, seat pads, mobile phone charger so you can use the flashlight and the camera in it! A smartphone is needed for the map app we use. But if you do not have one, contact us and we will arrange it in another way.

As the idea with our holiday packages is to be environmentally friendly, we primarily offer the opportunity to rent a bicycle cart where you can transport your bags yourself. But should you still need transport, contact us and we will find a solution.

Yes, all the partners we have offer vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives. Fill in the booking form. Contact us if you have other diets and it is safe to arrange

We offer breakdown service where we come out and fix the problem. For a simple puncture, there is a kit in the bicycle bag if it should be the case that you would rather fix it yourself than wait for us.

The Göta Canal Tour has a separate cycle path that runs along the canal. The others walk along roads where there is some traffic. Read under each package for more information.

Older children over the age of 12 can come along. We also have bicycle carts for smaller children. We hope to have electric bikes for the smaller children also when the 2021 season begins. The Göta canal package runs along a separate cycle path along the canal and is very suitable for families with children. The others go on country roads with some traffic, so check the respective packages before you decide.

It is certainly possible during certain periods in any case. Contact us and we will find a solution.

You can cancel and get the full amount back up to 24 hours before you should arrive.

If something happens during your stay here with us and our partners, contact us as soon as possible and we hope to be able to fix what you are not happy with. We want all our customers to be satisfied and hope to find a solution with you so that you feel satisfied!

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